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In this category would enter the crimes committed by a legal person or its administrative body.

Our trajectory to date allows us to develop a legal practice with a global vision of service and knowledge of the customer’s business offering a highly qualified and specialized advice.

Our Legal Advisory team is formed by professionals with extensive training in the different branches of law that allows comprehensive advice, so that our clients see covered all their legal needs; from legal advice to legal assistance to judicial or arbitral proceedings.
We specialize in corporate crimes, such as:

Our main practice areas are:
– Administrative
– Urbanism
– Expropriations
– Periodic monitoring
– Environment
– Data Protection
– Tributary
– Corporate
– Insolvency and Insolvency
– Banking and Finance
– Family business
– Industrial property
– Fusions and acquisitions
– Insolvency
– Transportation
– Stock market
– Equity restructuring
– Competition
– Scam / Misappropriation
– Punishable Insolvencies
– Traffic
– Falsities Documentaries
– Offenses against Patrimony
– Economic crimes
– Corporate Offenses
– Litigation in court.
– Arbitration and Mediation.

  • General
  • Civil liability
  • Related searches
  • Damage General Conditions of Contract
  • Defects Cessation of annoying activities
  • Construction and Building Horizontal Property
  • Breach of Contract Consumer Rights
  • Real Estate and Construction Quantity Claim
  • Real Rights Insurance
  • Contractual Leases
  • Unpunished Eviction
  • Foreign Exchange Processes and Mortgages
  • Separations and Divorces
  • Mutual Litigation Agreement
  • Previous Measures Declaration of Prodigality or absence
  • Inheritance Processes
  • Declaration of Heirs
  • Adjudication of Inheritance Litigation
  • Situations Similar to Marriage
  • Child custody and custody Child support
  • Declaration of incapacity
  • Extension of Patria Potestad Tutela o Curatela

  • Business Consulting
  • Recruitment, hiring of senior management and special clauses
  • Analysis, drafting, design and implementation of collective agreements, remuneration policies and working conditions
  • Records of employment regulation Labor disputes, strikes, collective disputes, etc.
  • Extinction of employment contracts Advice on any issues arising in connection with the Works Committee
  • Trade union elections Labor inspections
  • Legal assistance
  • Layoffs Claims of Quantity
  • Assistance and advice in conciliation acts before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation. Assistance in inspections and administrative claims in the workplace and Social Security
  • Administrative procedures derived from acts of infringement or liquidation of social security contributions Opening of work centers, quotation account codes, both inside and outside the Community of Madrid, as well as the processing of Guest Books
  • Collective agreements
  • Assistance in the negotiation of collective agreements of all sectors (company, provincial, state)
  • Work Audit
  • Labor audit in general and processes of purchase and sale of companies

Among other services:
Of added value

  • Elaboration of legal Due-Diligence in special or sensitive operations.
  • Planning and Implementation of business restructuring operations.
  • Resolution of corporate conflicts.
  • Records of Employment Regulation, collective disputes, negotiation of agreements and labor audit.
  • Personalized attention to our customers.
  • Global advice and extensive knowledge of the commercial world, both from its legal and economic perspective.
  • International vocation.
  • Admissions administrations.
  • Public sector

We also offer the solutions described above to mercantile companies belonging to or participated in by the Public Administrations, possessing special knowledge of the idiosyncrasy of this type of entities and their context, with the following specialties:

Assistance to the representatives in their task of supervising the performance of the directors of the entity.
Information and prevention on corporate risk arising from the position.